Kurento is an Open Source Software WebRTC media server

Kurento Media Server v6.1.1. release notes

Kurento Media Server 6.1.1 has been released providing several fixes and improvements. Below you can find the release notes information:


  • Enabled latency stats
  • Fixed bug with UDP/TLS/RTP/SAVPF negotiation in webrtc
  • Fixed bug in audiomixer (it is used by composite for mixing audio) that caused audio cuts and latency
  • Reduce jitterbuffer latency: this should be noticed as a reduction on latency when there are network losses, but may increase bandwith consumption requesting key frames
  • Improve generation of gsrteamer dots
  • Add getGStreamerDot method to Hubs
  • Integration of datachannels for webrtc
  • Integration of datachannels statistics for webrtc
  • Fixed bug: that caused strange exception while trying to get stun/turn server when not configured
  • Fix memory leak when getting default candidate
  • Fix calculus of screens sizes in composite element
  • Improve error notification of recorder and playerendpoint
  • Fix scaffold to generate correct kurentoVersion
  • Events are now emitted once per session, even if more than one listener is registered using the same session. All the listener should be unregistered to stop sending events. As we ommited suscriptionId, there was no way for a client to know if there were different events or just repeated because of having multiple listeners.

Known issues:

  • Composite may break kurento-media-server with a segmentation fault in some circunstances (we are investigating this, but not clue of what is the sequence of events that produces the fail)
  • Several issues in recorder since last version. Audio, video or both could be missing in recorded file, specially when MP4 format is used.