Kurento is an Open Source Software WebRTC media server

6.17.0 (March 2022)

This is a very small release, made to incorporate the ability to inherit new modules from RtpEndpoint.

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Inheritable RtpEndpoint

The Kurento RtpEndpoint classes were final, meaning that it was not possible to inherit from them in order to create new, specialized versions of the endpoint. This was a problem for the fellow contributors at Naeva Tec, who were trying to write SipRtpEndpoint, a new endpoint that contains specific behaviors to make it work well with SIP communications.

This limitation got solved in this release. With the reorganization of several classes and introduction of a new internal library for the RtpEndpoint, it can now be inherited to create new classes based on it.

Thanks to @slabajo (Saúl Labajo) for Kurento/kms-elements#32 (prepare for siprtp_module) and Kurento/kms-elements#33 (RtpEndpoint library).


Other changes

This list includes other changes and fixes contributed by users and/or fellow developers, who merit our sincere appreciation and thanks for sharing their work with the Kurento project: