Kurento is an Open Source Software WebRTC media server

Kurento 6.5.0 released: all the freedom of the Apache 2.0 license

  • Man breaking chains

Today we have released Kurento Media Server version 6.5.0. This is a very important milestone in the life of Kurento because, in addition to the many interesting novelties and bug fixes we have incorporated, we have introduced a very relevant modification in our licensing scheme evolving from the LGPL v2.1 license to the Apache 2.0 license. Thanks to this, the Kurento Community will be able to enjoy enhanced freedom and better compatibility with all types of business models. Basing on Apache 2.0 shall avoid all the oddities and restrictions of the copyleft GNU licenses and shall significantly simplify the legal restrictions and constraints associated to integrating Kurento into corporate IT systems.

We hope this strategic movement will contribute to strengthening the leading position of Kurento in the WebRTC media server market and will help in the emergence of a stronger open source software ecosystem around the project.

Enjoy, use and communicate using Kurento!!

Kurento Media Server 6.5.0 release notes

  • Change license to Apache 2.0
  • Improve performance of rpc proccessing
  • Allow qualified names for types
  • Fix bug on client reconnection (they thought that the reconnection succeed even if it was a diferent server)
  • Fix bugs in Flow IN - Flow OUT event (caused a segmentation fault)
  • REMB algorithm improvements
  • Fix max/min video bandwidth parameters (now 0 means unlimited)
  • Improve the API changing some event/methods names and deprecating old ones (even they are still available, it's recommended to not use them as they can be remoted on the next major release)
  • Documentation inprovement
  • Raise events from differents threads
  • Agnosticbin: Add support for rtp format (only at output)
  • WebRctEndpoint: Add information about ice candidates pair selected
  • WebRctEndpoint: Fix memory leaks on candidatesm management
  • WebRctEndpoint: Fix fingerprint generation when certificate is buldled with the key
  • WebRctEndpoint: Fix bugs when using a custom pem por dtls
  • WebRctEndpoint: Improve events names deprecating old ones (old ones are still valid, but its use is discouraged)
  • RecorderEndpoint: Fix state management
  • RecorderEndpoint: Add StopAndWait method
  • Improve documentation